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A9 Envelopes and so much more

Making envelope history

anatomy of the envelopeThere are numerous kinds of envelopes. They are primarily utilized for sending letters along with other packages. They are available in many different sizes. A number of them provide padded sides to guard the particular contents. They are generally white or dark yellow but can are available in many various other colors. Different colors are extremely popular with specialized greeting cards.

This form of a letter package is basically used to deliver various types of correspondence. On the outside of the envelope will include the sender's information as well as the recipient's name and address. The envelope is then rubber-stamped and mailed. The regular letter envelope be produced from heavy paper stock. The particular folds of the envelope are often sealed with adhesive and the outer flap is gummed. When this gummed area is moistened, it'll close up the envelope.

Mailing a message that's positioned within the envelope dates back many decades. Letters had been sent using this method in order to safeguard the privacy of the contents. The package was closed using a wax seal that was hot pressed on the outside of the envelope. Only the stated recipient with the particular letter was permitted to crack the seal.

The envelope went through some development changes over the years. Certain production methods help to bring about the mass production of the envelope. The machines were able to produce many of theses items and cut them to size. Prior to machines, this was all done by hand. They were cut to fit different sizes that were commonly used. Several years later, the process of making the envelope became more developed and the flaps were made with an adhesive. This help to keep the envelope sealed.

A9 Envelopes helping you create easy invites

Business EnvelopeThe stationery market now provides an enormous choice of these paper envelopments. You'll discover in addition specialty items which are cut in numerous inventive sizes and shapes. The regular letter envelope is the basic white rectangular container. This envelope is made to its very specific standardized measurements, each one has its own name.

The Announcement envelope is quite common for the social and stationery market preseinting a range a "A" size envelopes. The original standard ranges from A-2 thru A10 where the "A" in its identifier classifies it as announcement and generally comes with a square flap and side seams. One of our very popular sizes in the United States is the A9 since it simply accepts a standard letter paper folded in half. Browse our site and find more A9 Envelope options. We have a large selection ranging from whites thru various colors and a variety of weights and finishes.

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