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Designing With color

Making the Most of Your Rainbow:

Design With Color

Do your designs need a boost of energy? Not sure what colors to choose for your next project? At PaperPapers, we offer a huge range of colored paper options and you can easily shop by color with convenient search groupings. Whether you’re stuck in a color rut or you’re interested in branching out, we can help.

Before we dive into how to pair and use colored paper in your designs, let’s step into the world of color theory for a moment. Every color in the rainbow holds meaning, memories, and emotion. Some feel personal, like how bright yellow-green feels like a summer afternoon with grandpa on the riding lawn mower, but others are more universal. Amplify the meaning and energy of your design with rainbow colors that match:

  • This dominant, fiery color is attributed with feelings of love, passion, and hot intensity.

  • As a slightly softer ally to red, orange feels friendly, energetic, and dynamic with a sense of movement that inspires change.

  • The color of cheer, sunshine, hope, and peace feels bright and full of life in both intense and pastel hues.

  • Rooted in feelings of earth, birth, and development, green add stability and feelings of perseverance.

  • This deep, meaningful color goes beyond the surface link to sadness with a sense of authority, freshness, trust, and power.

  • Also known as purple, violet is a luxurious, romantic color that reigns supreme with a tie to creativity and royalty.

As the rainbow colors spin around the color wheel, essential color gradients lie in between. These transitional colors help bridge the gap between stark color identities and give you more flexibility in design. Looking for something that combines feelings for a deeper, more ambiguous emotional response? Expand your rainbow with blue-violet, blue-green, yellow-green, yellow-orange, red-orange, and red-violet.

Monochromatic designs are a common strategy and style because it provides a sleek range of depth within one color area that’s easy to arrange. Not sure how to pair colors and use more of the rainbow? Try out these three-color pairing strategies to help you step out of your comfort zone:

  • Spread your reach and make a wide impact with three colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel.
  • Split-Commentary. Pick your starting color, head straight across the wheel to find its compliment, and then use the two colors on either side instead.
  • Go all-in with the four colors that border a complimentary arrow for an eye-catching, balanced look.
Color Wheel

Wondering how to take full advantage of the rainbow and still stay true to brand colors? What do you do if you already have one main color picked out? Hold onto your core color commitment and utilize it as a dominant color with rainbow extras as your accents. Shop multicolor paper and choose paper colors based on your dominant starting point. For example, if your project is focused on red-orange, each of the color pairing strategies above can be fit to follow:

Red-orange, yellow-green, violet
Split-Commentary. Red-orange, yellow-orange, blue-violet
Red-orange, yellow-orange, blue-green, blue-violet

Experiment with your color wheel and easily find the colored paper that you’re looking for at PaperPapers to make the most of your rainbow and design in eye-catching color!

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