Brown Bag Envelopes - KRAFT (30/78lb) - 5 in Square Envelopes - 25 PK

Looking for Envelopes, 5 Square (5-x-5) with Rustic appearance found in the Brown Color Group, 119 GSM (30/78lb Text) --learn more about Brown Bag Kraft --Brown Bag Envelopes. Also, jump to our popular help pages for paper help. (To make a successful paper selection, it is important to have a brief understanding of text weight and cover weight papers.) AND envelope help (It is important to remember that inserts must always be smaller than the envelope dimensions.)

SKU LEKR500-25

Brown Bag KRAFT (30/78lb) Envelopes

All Natural Favorite since 1901. The Greengrocer's Brown Bag paper and envelopes are 'earthy' yet attractive. This distinctive text and cover offering of traditional grocery sack material, re-engineered for the demands of today's creative communications and will work great for inspired projects. This product is laser and inkjet friendly.

Acid Free (archival)
ECF - Elemental Chlorine Free
Ink and Laser compatible

This product has a Rustic - Brown Grocery Bag Appearance

Brand: Brown Bag
Product: Envelopes
Color: Brown Bag Kraft
Size: 5 Square (5-x-5)
Content: 100% Recycled
Finish: Rustic
More Information
WHS_IN 45 - 45
Product type Envelopes
Oversize or Cutting Fee to be applied No
Brand Brown Bag
Color Name / Brand Specific Brown Bag Kraft
Description of color brown kraft with an authentic grocery bag appearance
Color Range Brown Color Group
Content Fiber 100% Recycled
Finish Appearance Rustic
GSM / Basis Wt 119 GSM (30/78lb Text)
Manufacturer Leader
Package Quantity 25 per package
Size 5 Square (5-x-5)
Carton (or Skid) Quantity 800 per carton
Stock Availability Floor Stock

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