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Cardboard instead of Bubble lined envelopes - card envelopes

Make shipping safe with our substitute for bubble envelopes

Trust breakable or fragile materials only to the most secure and convenient type of mailer available on the market. Need to send out multiple copies or important items, all stress-free and without expensive packaging? has the solution: durable, cardboard mailers. With our sturdy envelopes, keep intact fragile mailed objects such as CDs, picture frames and so much more - and protect your own peace of mind, too! Plus, unlike other packaging methods, such as boxes filled with loose packing material, cardboard envelopes are compact and self-sealing, allowing you to keep shipping costs to a minimum. Why deal with the awkwardness, bulk and heft of a container that's too large, filled with messy foam "peanuts," all wrapped up in yards of sticky tape? There's a much simpler way! Let walk you through all the least expensive, most cost-effective options.

Card envelopes dress up special occasions

Odds are you've never opened what you thought was a personal letter only to discover it was actually a time-sensitive wedding invitation or joyous birth announcement. Why is that? The reason is simple: These hallmarks in life call for the utmost care and attention. What better way is there to set the tone and dress up an important message than the square envelope or letterhead envelope that carries it to its destination? The touch of regality befitting these special occasions starts with stylish card envelopes from Choose from among a number of formats, including the Baronial or Announcement (A-style) envelopes, designed to draw attention to a big event or herald a dramatic announcement. With attractive, well-made card envelopes your much anticipated invitation will never be put off or mistaken for unwanted junk mail. Get the desired response to all your vital correspondence with envelopes from

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