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See how easy mailing and storage can be with cardboard envelopes!

Protect your valuables with sturdy envelopes

Never has there been a faster and safer way to mail your valuables than with sturdy envelopes! With their extra cardboard thickness, they provide protection along with the knowledge that your package will arrive intact. They are durable and easy to use with their self-sealing openings. You can also minimize your shipping costs by reducing the size of the package with these envelopes. Simply seal, address and apply your postage for a quick and easy mailing solution. No messy box fillers or sticky tape to deal with, either! With a variety of practical sizes in our inventory of sturdy envelopes, we are sure to have a solution for mailing your more delicate items.

Color your world with manila envelopes

Manila envelopes have always been, and will continue to be a staple in the business and home record retention world. If you're thinking translates to "that big, boring, brown envelope" then hold onto your hats! They are now available in many colors and sizes to suit your business needs, thus setting your documents apart from the crowd.

Not just for mailing...

Commonly reached for as a mailing envelope, manila envelopes are considered very reliable as a storage tool. They are ideal when used at tax time to collect and file your yearly receipts, bills and statements. They're value is second-to-none for storage of documents not accessed on a regular basis, but need to be kept for a number of years. With many different sizes to accommodate your diverse storage or mailing needs, we have a size to fit all needs.

When mailing important documents, these wholesale envelopes are essential when you want to mail a larger item not suitable for folding. Other uses can include use as interoffice communication, memos, catalogs, etc. Just be sure to check out our entire inventory. You'll be surprised at the variety we offer!

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