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Catch attention with Colored Business Envelopes

Business Envelopes Aren't Just Dull Anymore

Business EnvelopesEveryone is used to seeing red fire trucks. They were originally painted that color to attract attention. After a while they all look the same. But, paint the rig yellow or lime green and you have their attention for a few seconds longer. The same principle applies to your business envelopes. If you are sending out letters of solicitation, how many will see the letter opener before being discarded? Is one percent inquiry good enough? We believe you need to make your solicitation stand out above the rest.

Using colored envelopes may not get their business: but it may hold their attention long enough to maintain curiosity about who is innovative enough to be bold: rather than immediately contribute to the recycled paper bin.

Take a look at the stack of mail piled up on your desk every day: don't they all look the same? Do you want to be like everyone else? How many people push the task off to the side expecting the same old correspondence, bills, etc.? Using an out-of-the-ordinary envelope shows a new dimension and may even make it from the bottom of the pile to the top.

The Brightened World of Colored Envelopes

Colored EnvelopesJust as they have taken their place in the world of invitations, announcements, and personal correspondence, colored envelopes are becoming a part of business. They can relay strength, character, and intensity; as well as a strong sense of business acumen. You will be thought of as having imagination and a keen sense of customer importance by just that one step!

Select from our specialty paper in pastels and metallic finishes. Consider the panache business envelopes with a hue will add to your company's image. The next decision will be which color. It could, of course, be your favorite color; but consider the message different tones express (and what image your business wants to convey. Want friendly? Yellow is the hue of joy and optimism. Red is the color of passion and good luck. Purple is the color of royalty for its richness and, in ancient times, rare afford ability. Pink tempers passion with purity. Blue represents peace and tranquility. Our metallic envelopes come in gold, silver, blue, azalea and punch.

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