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Folio / Full-size Paper, Parent sheets in Size: 23-x-35; Finish Appearance: Smooth; Brand: Lynx

Folio Paper, Parent Sheets and Full Size Sheets commonly references our paper that has not yet been cut down to a consumer friendly size.

Full size sheets & all "special cut" items will incur $20.00 cutting fee or $12.50 Oversize shipment fee . All Full-Size Sheets  REQUIRE A MINIMUM ORDER OF 20 SHEETS / Paper larger than 14X20-inches is classified as our Full Size Sheets.

Now filtering... Size: 23-x-35; Finish Appearance: Smooth; Brand: Lynx

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  1. Lynx Opaque WHITE - 23X35 65lb COVER Weight Paper [637000]
  2. Lynx Opaque WHITE - 23X35 80lb COVER Weight Paper [637100]
  3. Lynx Opaque WHITE - 23X35 100lb COVER Weight Paper [637400]
  4. Lynx Opaque WHITE - 23X35 40/100lb TEXT Weight Paper [638000]
  5. Lynx Opaque WHITE - 23X35 32/80lb TEXT Weight Paper [637600]
  6. Lynx Opaque WHITE - 23X35 28/70lb TEXT Weight Paper [632100]
  7. Lynx Opaque WHITE - 23X35 24/60lb TEXT Weight Paper [632000]
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