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Cardstock Direct - choose bright cardstock, white cardstock and metallic cardstock for a durable, quality look to your creative projects.

Colored CardstockCardstock paper... Are you sending out invitations to a special event, such as a graduation, baby arrival, or wedding? You want everything to be the best. And that should include the invitations themselves! After all, as you invite close friends and family, you want the invitations to reflect your love and respect. So what kind of message are you sending by using flimsy, cheap-feeling paper? That's why you should consider cardstock for your most important announcements. Also known as cover stock, this paper stock ensures that your most vital communications will arrive in pristine condition. Through a special design process, cardstock paper is made to be thicker and more durable than regular printing and writing paper, while retaining its flexibility. Aside from invitations and cards, this stock can be used for scrapbooks, postcards, and other materials requiring added durability.

Make a statement with Cardstock paper

Colorful Cardstock 11 x 17The bottom line? You want the attention to be on your message! Therefore, your mailings must be easy to read and enjoy. Shouldn't  you do your best to ensure your guests receive a long-lasting, high-quality paper stock?! is proud to carry a full line of colored cardstock for all of your paper needs. Our cardstock sizes range from large Full size folio paper sheets, and smaller. And thanks to our diverse selection and low prices, you'll have no trouble making a lasting and positive impression on your recipients!

In effort to help our customers succeed with making proper choices for cardstock paper, please take a moment to understand how paper weights affect your project and can differentiate a paper from feeling like thin copy paper versus cardstock paper. Helpful information and charts are provided in our paper weights section. And as always, if you need customer assistance, please contact us at for help.

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