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Colored envelopes make it special

Colored EnvelopesAre you planning a birthday party or graduation celebration? If so, don't forget to purchase colored envelopes to match your event's cardstock paper invitations. Colorful envelopes elaborate on the happening's theme, which show guests that you've put a lot of time and effort into making sure this party is a hit.

From hot pink to Cappuccino to black, we have colored card envelopes that will match any motif. Paper-Papers carries many different brands to choose from, including Stardream, Sorbet and the Greengrocer's brown bag. Our Sorbet collection of colored envelopes are unique because they come in traditional colors, the same color on both sides, and duplex colors, which means you can choose two different colors -- one for the front and one for the back!

Formal to fun card envelopes available

Card EnvelopesA foil lined envelope gives off an air of prestige and importance. Typically, this is used to send out formal invitations to events such as graduations and weddings. Paper-Papers offers a full line of foil lined card envelopes in many different sizes. For large events, a 250 pack of our A2 foil lined envelopes are a popular option. Gold or silver foil lining is available.

Other formal card envelopes include our Linen collections. We carry Neenah and Wausau Royal Linen envelopes that are sure to impress. Linen paper and envelopes have tiny raised ridges, giving off the look and feel of Linen fabric. This type of envelope works well for almost any type of invitation, especially if you want to surprise guests with something a little different. We have many different types of cardstock and envelopes for all of your needs! Take the time to browse our site and please let us know if you have any questions.

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