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Manila and colored envelopes with surprising variety

Classy colored envelopes and paper

Colored EnvelopesWorking on a large mailing for the office or home? Perhaps you are planning a major business announcement or you need to send out wedding invitations or thank you cards to a few hundred of your closest friends and relatives. Give your message a colorful, memorable panache - and do it at a reasonable price - with the right materials from

Pair our colored envelopes with fabulous Pop-tone, Curious Metallic or Cougar Natural cardstock, just to name a few. For example, French Pop-tone line of cardstock and colored envelopes comes in a rainbow of beautiful shades: Blu Raspberry, Cotton Candy, Gumdrop Green, Grape Jelly and Hot Fudge to match or complement a color scheme or preference for any occasion.

There are even color options for your business manila envelopes, for those times when basic brown just doesn't fit.

Not-so-vanilla manila envelopes

Many people who are new to the mailing field are surprised at the level of variety they can get in a shipping envelope. They're no longer a one size fits all proposition.

Our manila envelopes are available in sizes from 6"x9" for large documents, to as large as 10"x15" for mailing small posters and prints. Manilas also come in three colors - brown, grey and white kraft - and can be purchased with either gummed or un-gummed flaps. Buy your wholesale envelopes here today!

Think about your recipient(s), the message you wish to send and how you want to say it, and then stop by for other ideas on making the most of your mailing. We also carry translucent envelopes!

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