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Package Quantity: 1000 per package; Finish Appearance: Metallic - Favorites used for Flower Paper Art Designs

Most paper flower designers choose to use our TEXT weight papers due to the foldability.

More and more we are learning of many designers also using card weight papers for their projects. We have listed many popular papers that our designers find useful, but this is not an exhausted list and please feel free to explore more. Contact our team if you need direction.

Do you need to find ALL 8.5X11 TEXT papers? Do you need ALL 8.5X11 Card Stock Papers? Checkout our 12X12 papers in both text and cover. Are you looking for suggested papers related to Lia Griffith project? Hop over to LIA designer page and find papers related to specific projects.

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  1. Stardream Metallic - 8.5X11 Paper - 32/81lb Text (120gsm)
    Stardream Metallic - 8.5X11 Paper - 32/81lb Text (120gsm)
    As low as $10.15
  2. FAV Shimmer 8.5 x 11 Paper - 32/81lb Text (120gsm)
    FAV Shimmer 8.5 x 11 Paper - 32/81lb Text (120gsm)
    As low as $9.04
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