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Color Range: Silver Color Group -Invitation Envelopes, Shipping envelopes, Business envelopes & much more

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Envelopes in Color Range: Silver Color Group at PaperPapers.

Are you searching for a way to truly convey the importance of your mailings? Consider sending your most valuable pieces in announcement envelopes (also known as “A-style” envelopes). Discerning customers turn to these envelopes for a variety of unique mailing purposes, including: promotional pieces, invitations, small booklets, photographs, brochures, greeting cards, and announcements. Envelopes of this style have recently become the go-to option for distinctive business stationery, as well.

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  1. square pewter envelopes
    [Clearance] Shine PEWTER - Shimmer Metallic - 6-1/2 Square Envelopes (6.5-x-6.5) - 25 PK
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