Commercial No 11 Envelopes, No 12 Envelopes and No 14 Envelopes

Exploring larger commercial envelopes

Commercial #11 ENVELOPES, Dimensions: 4.5 in x 10.375 in. and Commercial #12 ENVELOPES, Dimensions: 4.75 in x 11 in and Commercial #14 Envelopes, Dimensions: 5 in x 11.5 in. These are all larger than the standard #10's which are commonly used as general business envelopes. These are great for organizing and mailing. If mailing these larger commercial/business envelopes, they should not incur additional postage unless thickness or weight push them into a new price bracket. (Have questions about envelope sizes, visit our envelope help page). Be sure to reference USPS to get the most accurate pricing when dealing with unique size or weight.

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