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What payments are accepted?

What payments are accepted?

Payment types we accept at PaperPapers:

Major Credit Cards -and- Paypal -and- Amazon Pay

In the event you do not want to place your payment online, please select "Pay by Phone" and then contact our warehouse with your order number. Our representative will gladly process your payment over the phone.

Credit Card and Vault [Braintree]

Traditional credit card processing is handled, and additionally you can choose to save your credit card data with Braintree,this is not required, just available for those who find it convenient.

Amazon Pay:

Amazon pay is a direct payment process you as a customer has established with Amazon. Our agents are not able to submit orders on your behalf, this is a self serve process and transaction activity is stored at Amazon Pay. To login to your amazon pay activity, this link should properly connect you:


General paypal services provided. Additionally, after your first transaction, an option for billing agreement can be setup in your customer account. Upon setting this up, paypal will not require you to login to your paypal account when re-ordering from paperpapers. (billing agreements are completely controlled by customer and can be revoked by customer at any time). Learn more about Paypal or setup your own paypal account.

Pay by phone

explained above.

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