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I can't checkout, it shows a brief server error message

Brief server error after typing in my credit card

Why do I see a quick message showing server error after typing my credit card?

If you are seeing a brief message showing server error and the order screen did not pass through, it is most commonly that the credit card info provided is being declined or not approved for various reason associated to the issuing bank.

What can I do:

1) Please confirm all your information is accurate and current with the card #, expiration and security code.

2) If all is accurate, we suggest you inquire with your issuing bank. (We have learned that many company cards require that the bank be notified of transactions to new company.)

3) If you believe this is not the issue, please contact our rep and they will take your credit card data over the phone and assist with finalizing your order. (Logging in as a customer is necessary for our reps to efficiently assist you with your order.)

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