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Questions at PaperPapers - Am I already registered

I don't know if I'm registered

Am I Registered?

Since checkout on our website does NOT REQUIRE a customer setup - all customers are able to checkout as Guests. If you have ordered in the past and did not create a login, your last order was placed as a Guest.  At any time you are able to create a Customer Login. (Note: previous orders, placed as a guest, will not link your new customer account.)

Mid-2017 we implemented a brand new platform causing all customer accounts to be New [read more here] - your old order data is stored on our local database in case you need us to send past records.

Quickest way to find out

  • Message us and we’ll take a look --or--
  • Proceed as a new customer, fill out the registration form, it will alert you if your email is already setup
  • If the system states you are registered, proceed to Reset Password

Register New Customer

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