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Incorrect sign-in alert - What should I do

Incorrect sign-in alert

Received Alert: sign-in incorrect? **

**confirm you are not using an old-site login -->Mid-2017 we implemented a brand new platform causing all customer accounts to be New [read more here] - your old order data is stored on our local database in case you need us to send past records.

There's a chance you are not setup as a "Customer" yet -- orders are accepted as "Guests" and login is not required. If you've placed previous orders with us, it is possible you processed those as a "Guest". 

Quickest way to find out

  • Message us and we’ll take a look  --or--
  • Proceed as a new customer, fill out the registration form, it will alert you if your email is already setup
  • If you haven't register prior, the submission will complete.
  • If the system states you are registered, proceed to Reset Password

Register New Customer

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