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My login isn't working - Possible Old-Site info

My login isn't working - Possible Old-Site info

IF YOU HAVE PLACED AN ORDER AFTER JUNE 2017 - this info is no longer important to your question. ==> Check here: I don't know if I'm registered

Why doesn't my login work?

Possibly you are attempting to use the login from our old site. The login you created at the old site will not work on our new site.  We appreciate your patience with this transition. Your old order data is still on record at our warehouse and we can send you information to help with this transition.

User accounts are not required when purchasing, but we strongly encourage account setup, it will make re-ordering much easier. 

What's the old site / new site


old site = [] <= notice the dash in our name

new site =  [] <= notice NO dash in our name

================== Official Email Notice that was Sent Out to all customers who were registered on our old site ==================

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