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Holiday Envelopes

Need Holiday Envelopes?

Our top 6 Choices for that perfect Holiday presentation

We’ve got a short list of our top 6 best holiday envelopes. Do you start with red, green or will white shimmer create the sparkle you need... but wait, how about silver or gold? The choice is yours and certainly this grouping does not exhaust the varieties offered, it is just a short, but sweet review of festive colors. Create your perfect combo and send your love in a festive envelope from PaperPapers.

Our Favorites

Celebrate the Holidays...

or any Special Occasion with quality envelopes and lovely papers. Quality envelopes and paper, festive colors, a lovely combination for that perfect greeting. Holidays and Special Occasions are a time to share love and cheer, what a great time envelop the kindness of the season with a handwritten note or greeting card filled with little gifts and more.

Holiday Envelope  Sampler

Checkout the Best Holiday Envelopes

Create the perfect first impression this holiday season! At PaperPapers, we carry a wide selection of specialty envelopes and labels in addition to premium paper and cardstock. This year, we have curated a list of our top six favorite holiday envelopes. Whether you’re sending a handful of handwritten letters to family and friends or inviting hundreds of guests to a festive gala, holiday paper makes all the difference. Our favorite Christmas envelopes send a bright, charming message. Seal your letters, Christmas cards, invitations, and seasonal greetings in paper envelopes that are eye-catching and fun to open!

Red Holiday Envelopes

Matte Red Holiday Envelopes

This bold, cherry-red color shines like Santa’s bag of toys. These BASIS envelopes have a sleek, horizontal closure and the matte texture is a cost-effective option for large projects.

Green Christmas Envelopes

Matte Green Christmas Envelopes.

Celebrate evergreen trees, holly, and everything jolly! The rich green paper is a festive hue that balances between hunter green and emerald. It’s easy to match with your party theme or card paper.

Red Satin Holiday Envelopes

Red Satin Holiday Paper Envelopes.

Dress up classic red for the holidays. The satin texture has a slightly darker cranberry color than our favorite matte option and the silky paper feel is sure to inspire a smile.

Pearl Pure White Envelopes

White Shimmer Festive Envelopes

Seal and send your holiday message with a touch of winter sparkle. We love this envelope because it shimmers like snow or ice but it’s still easy to write on without smudges.

Christmas Envelopes

Gold Christmas Envelopes.

This rich, true gold envelope shines with timeless elegance. The classic color is guaranteed to go with every holiday theme, ranging from playful reindeer to posh ornaments.

Silver Holiday Envelopes

Silver Holiday Envelopes.

We love the FAV pure silver envelopes just as much as the gold option. Now you can match the elegant style of your holiday party or special event with a shimmering silver envelope.

Looking for something a little different?

Even though these are part of our top 6 favorite holiday envelopes, we encourage you to search and find your own favorite. Explore our entire inventory of envelope options and color varieties here.

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