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Kraft Raw CHIPBOARD 30 PT 12x12-inch - 10 Sheets per pack


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Looking for Paper, 12-x-12 with Paperboard, Kraft, Uncoated appearance found in the Brown Color Group, 270 GSM (100lb Cover) --learn more about Chipboard --2PBasics Paper. Also, review our popular help pages for paper help. (To make a successful paper selection, it is important to have a brief understanding of text weight and cover weight papers.) AND envelope help (It is important to remember that inserts must always be smaller than the envelope dimensions.)

2PBasics Chipboard (1) Paper Available at PaperPapers
2PBasics Chipboard (1) Paper Available at PaperPapers 2PBasics Chipboard (2) Paper Offered by PaperPapers Crafter's Chipboard Kraft 30-pt Paperboard at paperpapers

Chipboard (Brown Kraft, 30 point) - 12x12 size - Small Pack

Made of recycled paper lightweight chipboard pads strengthen envelopes and mailers. It also provides layers for added protection when stacking in boxes.

More Information
WHS_IN - 0
Product type Paper
Oversize or Cutting Fee to be applied No
Brand 2PBasics
Color Name / Brand Specific Chipboard
Description of color 30 PT KRAFT Chipboard
Color Range Brown Color Group
Content Fiber 100% Recycled
Finish Appearance Paperboard, Kraft, Uncoated
GSM / Basis Wt 270 GSM (100lb Cover)
Manufacturer 2pBasics
Package Quantity 10 per package
Size 12-x-12
Caliper (Avg) 30.0
Stock Availability Floor Stock
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