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Beautiful linen paper

Linen PaperType and texture are a few of the primary characteristics that indicate the caliber of a message. However, type takes a subordinate stance to the paper's feeling for a number of reasons. For one, new technology has allowed for inexpensive printing of virtually any font style available. For this reason, elaborate type has lost the impressiveness of rarity. Thus, unique type may no longer impress as it did in the past. Also, fonts fall under the discretion of style, since they have only aesthetic appeal, and no physical. Furthermore, type may only impress the eyes, and provides no palpable quality. A paper, card or envelope's texture, on the other hand, remains a definitive quality of a letter's worth, and will remain so perennially. One can still impress his or her recipient by offering a more desirable, less ordinary paper with an appealing texture. For example, two letters of identical type and content were printed on standard and linen paper, it's not unreasonable to assume that one, even many years in the future, will choose the linen for its appealing feel and greater permanence. Because of the linen's physical desirableness, this would still apply even years after the given font lost its touch. Choose linen paper to show that you value the content of the message as well as the recipient. We also carry other styles such as metallic paper, bright paper, parchment and more!

Metallic paper is fun

Metallic PaperWant to bring a sparkle to the eyes of your recipient? Consider some of our most lustrous paper options. offers an impressive selection of specialty envelopes and metallic paper to wow the recipient. Choose a timeless classic, like solid silver or gold, or try an alluring alloy cardstock paper. Some different options include:

  • Galvanised steel
  • Gold leaf
  • Moss Green
  • Jupiter red
  • Bronze
  • Nude Shimmer

These make up some popular choices, but finding many more will pose no problem. By typing "metallic paper" into our search browser, you can see a list of attractive options that can bedazzle whoever opens the letter. From specialty cardstock to envelope, we have it all. Use the navigations or filters to find the desired products and please call us with any questions that you may have.

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