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Get creative with metallic paper

Metallic Paper

Modern technology has improved the look and feel of paper as a whole, so your dollar goes farther than ever when selecting premium materials. stocks premium color cardstock, linen, vellum, and more paper materials in both classic and bold, vibrant colors as well as paper with an iridescent and metallic finish. Matching metallic envelopes and paper can spice up traditional invitations, making a memorable impression. Be creative by announcing your silver or gold wedding anniversary on matching metallic paper! Add numerical brads or punch holes to tie a ribbon through the top of the card. By creating your own accents, you can set the tone of the event through the first glimpse your guests get of the announcement. With these fun adornments you can take basic paper materials and make them your own for an event you and your friends and family will never forget!

Mix and match with metallic envelopes

At there's no need to worry about matching metallic paper with envelopes. Most of our specialty cardstock or paper has a corresponding envelope in our supply. And we carry far more than the typical bronze, silver and gold looks. Find pastels such as soft lavender and baby blue to bright reds and royal blue tones, all accompanied by a metallic sheen or sparkle. There are varied styles and colors of metallic envelopes and paper; and it may be difficult to commit to a selection you've only seen a picture of. We suggest buying a sampler pack of the product you're after in order to best match colors, weight or your style. After examining your options, you can make your selection confidently.

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