4 EASY TIPS to Earth Conscious Thinking

Earth friendly tips

4 EASY TIPS to Earth Conscious Thinking

Every April, society comes together in an effort to promote earth consciousness. This time is meant to remind us to do our part as we care for the world in which we live. Reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t have to take a huge effort – here are a few easy tips you can do to help the Earth, all year long.

Tip #1 – When using disposables

Tip #1 – When using disposables: When using disposable dishes, consider that paper has the most recyclability over other alternatives. Styrofoam and plastics, considered unfriendly disposables, can pollute and cause toxins in our wildlife and stay in landfills for years.

Tip #2 – Driving Alternatives

Tip #2 – Driving alternatives: When options are available, drive less or car-pool. For short distances, get into the habit of riding your bike or walking. Many cities and towns offer mass transit options such as buses, trains and shuttles. Any of these alternatives can support C02 reduction in our air.

Tip #3 – Classic & Fun Alternatives Over Fast Fashion

Tip #3 – Classic & fun alternatives over fast fashion: Fast fashion has more recently become a pop phrase when representing trendy, inexpensive, quickly disposed clothing articles. Consider classic styles that have a longer closet life. Also, second-hand shops are filled with interesting, quality clothing that can be easily be re-used. Additionally, when inspired, one can create a whole new look and fashion from repurposed clothing pieces.

Tip #4- Support Up-cycling

Tip #4 – Supporting Upcycled technologies: Up-cycling, also known as creative re-use. You’ll find many people reuse and upcycle products on a daily basis ranging from metals, to the arts and clothing, furnishing and so much more. This practice supports circular economy which aids in building local, national and world solutions to sustainability..

Did you know?

PaperPapers has partnered with several mills that have incorporated amazing technologies for UPCYCLING materials that were once intended for the landfill.

One of these intriguing product groups is EXTRACT, from CUP to PAPER! EXTRACT innovative papers is a new, one of a kind, paper product that has been birthed from finding a solution for disposed coffee cups. As many people do not realize, cups are lined with plastic and are headed to the landfill. GF Smith and partners have created the perfect technology for stripping away the plastic, making it re-usable and allowing the paper to be up-cycled into this beautiful, quality line called EXTRACT.

Additional, alternative pulp papers include RE-MAKE (from leather to paper) & CRUSH (from nuts to paper, oranges to paper, etc). Learn more about these creative processes of manufacturing by Favini paper mill and explore the expansive varieties of paper and envelopes offered by PaperPapers.

Quick Tips to being Earth Friendly
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