8 Little-Known Reasons to Use Recycled Paper

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8 Little-Known Reasons to Use Recycled Paper

Did you know that there are 92 million metric tons of paper produced in the U.S. annually?

And most of us are painfully aware of where that paper came from. We usually just try not to think about rainforests being demolished to support civilization’s insatiable appetite for paper. Americans alone use enough paper in one day to fill the entire Library of Congress, almost five times over.

Now imagine—what if you could actually be saving forests by buying paper?

While that sounds like a contradictory statement, it’s completely possible, thanks to wholesale paper suppliers producing recycled paper.

Recent technological advancements now make it possible to produce recycled paper with the same level of whiteness and print quality as virgin fiber (non-recycled) paper.

In case you need more convincing, the following are eight reasons why using recycled paper is awesome.

  1. Reduce CO2 Emissions Into the Atmosphere When paper is recycled instead of incinerated, the ultimate result is a 20% drop in CO2 emissions.
  2. Keep It Out of Landfills – When waste paper is buried in a landfill, it releases methane gas over time, which is 23 times more harmful to the environment than CO2.
  3. Wholesale Paper Suppliers Use Less Energy in Production – When a manufacturer produces recycled paper, they use 31% less energy than it takes to produce virgin fiber paper.
  4. It’s a Gift That Keeps on Giving – Did you know that paper fibers can be recycled between four and five times before they become unusable? That’s impressive!
  5. Reduce Greenhouse Gasses – When recycled paper is produced, there’s a 40% decrease in greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere, compared to virgin fiber paper production.
  6. Conserve Clean Water – Producing one ton of recycled paper requires over 9,000 gallons of water less than it takes to produce one ton of virgin fiber paper.
  7. Less Solid Waste – Recycled paper production results in 39% less solid waste than virgin fiber production.
  8. Improve and Enhance Brand Image – When you use recycled paper as a brand or company, you have every right to brag about it. This will definitely make you the cool option among your competitors, as more and more people start to become conscious of the impact their purchasing choices have on the environment.

With recycled paper now at the same level of quality as standard paper, it just makes sense to find a wholesale paper supplier that produces it. The next time you need to order bulk paper, envelopes, or cardstock, remember the points on this list, and look for a source that’s helping us conserve our planet’s natural resources.

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