Arturo Envelopes

Arturo Envelopes

Something NEW…. Arturo Envelopes are now available in US A-Sizes. Offering A1, A2, A6, A7 & A9 Envelopes.  This rich line of paper and stationery has only offered European envelopes sizes in the past.  Now this line can almost cover the globe.

If you are trying to figure out your paper or card stock to go along with these sizes, consider the 8-1/2-x-11 options and order small cuts to coordinate with your envelopes.

Just a reminder, Arturo A-Size envelopes are available in White and Soft White only. This product is offered in small packs or boxes of 200.

Lastly… just a little help with A7 Arturo Envelopes – This size has 3 options:

  • Arturo – A7 Envelope (This is a regular A7 Envelope with gummed flap)
  • Arturo -A7 Un-gummed Envelope (This is the same size, yet no gumming options on the flap)
  • Arturo -A7 Outer (This is 1/4-inch larger in width and height than the traditional A7) – This option holds the A7 nicely as to create an ideal inner/outer ensemble.
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