BOO! The Spooky Halloween Card


Time to get a little spooky and send out this fun Halloween card. With a few creative layering of papers, a few die cuts into the pages, and one print out you are sure to be giving the most spine-chilling card around town.

The whole project fits inside the Gold 7.5-in square envelope. Use a spider web die cut on the edges of the envelope.

Cut the Violet down to 7.25-in x 11-in. Score the Violet at 7.25-in.

Print the lace design onto the Orange Gold Fusion. Once you have printed it onto the paper cut it down to 7.25-in x 5-in. After it is printed, cut, and punched, add 1/2″ ScorTape to the back of the front flap. Line up the Orange Gold Fusion so it is .75″ from the bottom, tape it lightly with scotch tape, and push down the front flap.

Trim a sheet of Super Gold to 5.25-in x 6-in. Then take the 3-in Large Punch, Vampire Bat evenly spaced towards the bottom of the sheet. Using both 1/2″ and 1/8″ ScorTape, outline the designs and the paper edges on the back of the Super Gold. The design is center side to side with a little more space at the top, so more black lace would show. Refer to the photos and do what suits you. Using ScorTape, put the Super Gold, 3″ circle that was die cut, on the inside.


Glue down some 1.5″ gold sticker letters top of the circle to say BOO. Add a little bling to the left. Finish the front by gluing a 2.5″ stretchy skeleton on the front of the card using Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue and let it dry while you work on the gauze. Keep checking the photos.

Using your Tim Holtz scissors to cut up the Johnson & Johnson Gauze Squares to they are 3/4″ wide, don’t be exact: they are about 7″ long, and trimmed as needed. Toss out the liner and apply 1/2″ ScorTape on the back.  First, crisscross 2 pieces behind the skeleton. Apply sections of the tape to the remaining piece and wind it around the skeleton, scrunching up the gauze strips as you put it down. Glue down 3 sets of googly eyes where the gauze is scrunched. Let it dry. Add a little-punched cat to the right bottom corner.  You are done and ready for the fun.



Materials used in this craft:

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