Brighten a day with happy thoughts and bright paper

Brighten a day with happy thoughts and bright paper

bright paper for cute cardsA rainbow of colors from Paper-Papers Basis Colors, paper sampler, will brighten any day. Making the card will help your heart sing. Crush White Corn, is the perfect foundation, using a full sheet folded in two. Using the bright paper from the Basis Colors, Dark Magenta, Soft Pink, Medium Blue and Light Yellow, cut strips in varying widths. Cut the papers at 1″, 1/2″, and 1/4″. Refer to the photo. With ScorTape on the back, pull off portions and made a plaid weave of the colors. Add sentiments in holographic white, some flowers and life is cute and sweet.

bright paper for cardsCrush is a unique paper that handles easily with lots of body. It is a unique earth friendly paper made using process residues from organic products to replace up to 15% of virgin tree pulp. Your friends are happy and so is the earth. By-products from citrus fruits, corn, olives, coffee, kiwi fruits, hazelnuts, cherries, lavender and almonds are used along with 30% recycled materials. A win-win all the way around. The finish is a smooth finish with light texture; lots of body. The envelope is matching A9 White Corn.

The Basis Colors have a wide variety of soft and matching colors that all blend together with a range of tones. It has an antique vellum finish that is soft and intense. The colors are blended and deep; the paper is colored all the way through, not just surface deep. A joy to use and share. Enjoy.

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