Can there be too much green?

Depending on the true intent of this question, your answer may vary. Green may refer to “eco-friendly”, but the context of this post is as simple as green can be, it’s all about the color green. This may be the perfect time of year to have too much of a good thing.

This is a popular time of year when many shoppers ask about getting green paper or envelopes. We have so many options, which can make this quest exciting or cumbersome, depending on your personality.

If you are thrilled to browse around, I’d direct you to our Shop by Color and simply say “hit Green” Text or Cover. Otherwise, you may be asking specific questions which would then prompt different thoughts. Here are a few suggestions based on potential project needs.

Customer says: so little time and so much to do – doing mass mailer – need nice product at budgeted price.  —> I would suggest, Astrobright, colors, which offers 3+ green options.

Customer says: quality product, average price, but I cannot use metallic/shimmer envelopes, it must be envelopes made from “regular” paper. —> I would suggestBasis Green Envelopes, yet, if you are worried this green may be a bit too dark, then consider Pop-tones.

French Pop-tones offers 5 shades of green. (Spearmint, Limeade, Sour Apple, Gumdrop, and Jellybean)

Customer says:  I want shimmer/metallic options —> I would suggestCurious Metallics which has a nice range of greens and the line is a very popular choice. Other quality pearlescent can be found in Stardream Metallics.

Customer says:  I need to run these on my home printer.  —> I would suggest, be sure to consider printer obstacles…(example: confirm print will show on paper color, confirm envelope or paper size will work with my printer and paper or card stock is an acceptable weight for my printer) THEN, we can move to answer… All the above suggestions will work with Inkjet and Laser printers with one exception.. Stardream brand is only laser friendly, it does not work with inkjet (it will smear)

Customer says:  anything goes but I need to see the color  —> I would suggest, Consider purchasing a sampler pack we call Favorite Greens or our Crafter’s Green pure hue which is a lovely array of green, lightweight foldable papers..  These will allow you to see and touch the quality of the paper.  Also, make note that envelopes are converted from the text weight version of the paper and it is also important to confirm with a customer service representative as to whether your preferred paper does indeed have envelopes converted in the size you may need. Additionally, if you need another sample, ask a rep to include it in your box so you are in a place to make the best choice.

Happy Green exploring!

  • Susan L Walkup
    Posted at 21:37h, 05 November Reply

    I have printed the Stardream Metallic papers with my inkjet to see what happens. I found this. It can done and it prints lighter by about a tone, since the sheen comes through the ink. I did not stack the papers as they came out of my inkjet printer. I took them one by one, let them dry really well, Mine dried. Then I did spray them with a mist of spray acrylic sealer. For a soft look, it is to consider. I don’t print a lot of one card,, so I am not mass producing anything and the speed of drying doesn’t matter to me. Hold the acrylic spray sealer about a foot off of the card ( with newspaper under it – outside ) and spray the sealer outward and let the mist drop onto the paper. I did that about 3 times letting it dry a few minutes inbetween the mistings.

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