Card stock paper and flowers make for a lovely flower vine card for Mom

flowers and cardstock

Card stock paper and flowers make for a lovely flower vine card for Mom

FlowerCardstock01There is great happiness and joy in spring flowers and this is so fast to make. The fun color comes from the Paper-Papers, Sampler Pack for Pop-Tones, plus a couple of other papers.  The lattice is Cherry Lynn FRM132, French Lattice, the small frame, with sections cut away by hand. It matches the envelope; Crush, Blue Lavender, a yummy color that goes with everything, a vibrant blue gray. The vine is Curious Skin, Emerald: Cherry Lynn vine die, B127, Tropical Flourish. The card is a full sheet of Sno Cone, scored and folded. All the sample papers blend so well with each other that you can simply pick your favorite pinks for the middle petals of the flower.

Martha Steward made the little flower punches, any will do. There are 3 layers, all from the Pop-Tone sampler pack. Grape Jelly, the bottom set of petals, is the bottom petal layer in all the vine flowers. The second set of petals is graduated, top to bottom, in shades of pink: Bubble Gum, Pink Lemonade and Cotton Candy. The final top spiky petals are Razzle Berry.

The Blue Lavender envelope is A9, measuring 5.75″ x 8. 75″, and is perfect for a full sheet of paper folded in half. It has 3 little flowers cut out of the flap, backed with Cotton Candy and topped with the Razzle Berry. There is so much color in the flowers that to open the envelope is to welcome in spring. Enjoy.


  • R R Clark
    Posted at 06:56h, 10 June Reply

    I love all the different flowers you can make with your paper, I just wish your s&h fees weren’t so high. It makes it prohibitive the way things are.

    • Susan L Walkup
      Posted at 16:57h, 10 June Reply

      It evens out on a per paper cost, especially for the quality. You think bigger than one piece of paper or one package. Usually when you buy paper locally at the craft store, the paper is half the thickness and/or the color is just on the top layer. If you rip or cut the paper, it is white in the core. This paper is solid core, the color runs all the way through the paper, and really heavy duty to work with. You can bend it, mend it, curl it and it doesn’t break, which is why I favored it. And it doesn’t rip in the printer; I use text for that purpose. Cardstock in a heavy duty printer, If you need to take an eraser, or Xacto blade and scrape something off, it doesn’t really show, since the color goes all the way through. I also use lots of Undo for glue that comes out under a setting and it doesn’t pill the paper, when I rub it with a paper towel full of Undo. For me, the S&H was worth it. You can buy for several people and then reach a break even cost for the paper. if you do not use lots of paper. Watch for the specials each month. The discount about pays for the S&H and you usually wind up with more than one package. Play with the cart to see how much paper you can get for the lowest shipping cost, then do the per page math and it does even out.

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