Celebrate New Years Paper Card!

New Years is off to a great start with a card to make your friends joyful. A card full of starbursts and balloons will make the New Year fun.

  1. Do all the parts first and then assemble the card. First do the foiling. If you don’t have the laminator to do the foiling, there are colored photos with different color choices, so you can print them and put the balloons on that image.
  2. To foil the images, first print them using the darkest black toner settings possible; then laminate.
  3. Foil 3 pages. The card itself, using Shine, Pearl White, 107lb cover paper, foiled with the red starbursts, and the gold dots on the Stardream Metallic, Jupiter, 105lb cover paper. Also foil the gold circles on the Shine, Pearl White, 107lb cover paper.
  4. After printing the black sunbursts on the Shine, Pearl White, 107lb cover paper, foil it with red. My foiling papers came from Colorfoils.com, but use your own preference for foiling papers. Likewise foil the dots on the Jupiter and the circles on more Pearl White.
  5. Since the card fits into the Mohawk Super Fine, Ultra White, Shiny Red Lining, A7 envelope, cut it to 7″ x 10.5″, then score and fold it in half.
  6. Before I cut the circles, I adhered some Silhouette Double Sided Adhesive Paper to the back of all the paper to be cut. Since the paper is heavy, I cut the adhesive circles first, then pulled the white backing, and mounted it on the back of the paper to be die cut. I then replaced the die cutting circle around the adhesive circle and cut it again, so it die cut the decorative paper.
  7. Do that for all 5 circles; the Jupiter and the Red Satin are 2 1/4″. The FAV Shimmer, Pure Gold, 92lb cover is 1 7/8″, as is the Shine, Pearl White, 107lb cover, that is foiled with gold circles. The 2pBasics Glitter Paper, Red, 65lb cover circle is 1 3/4″.
  8. Pull the adhesive backing and stack them, referring to the photos, and then place the 3 balloons on the card, as shown or to suit.
  9. Using 1/8″ red silk ribbon, tie bows in one end and put a little bit of 1/8″ ScorTape behind the bow. Add a touch of Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue, and put them at the bottom of the balloons. I would use about 12″ of ribbon per bow and trim it after gluing it down. Tie some gold twine around the bottom of the balloon cords and tie it off.It is not glued down, although you can.
  10. Print some FAV Shimmer, Pure Gold, 92lb cover, with your “Happy New Year” and cut it to 3 1/2″ wide by 7 1/4″ long. Use 1/4″ ScorTape to the right of the crease, inside the card, and again 3″ out. Mount the message and trim to fit.
  11. Add your American Crafts, Stickers, Happy, “2020”

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Papers used in this craft:

Other materials used in this craft:

  • Red & Gold Foil (colorfoils.com)
  • Laminator: Tamerica / Tashin SM330 13″ Pouch Laminator
  • 2pBasics Glitter Paper, Red, 65lb cover
  • Silhouette Double Sided Adhesive Paper
  • Circle Dies, 1 3/4″, 1 7/8″, and 2 1/4″
  • American Crafts, Thickers, Happy
  • 1/8″ Red Silk Ribbon
  • Metallic Bakers Twine, Gold
  • ScoreTape, 1/8″
  • Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue
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