Celebratory Father’s Day Card


Celebratory Father’s Day Card


In celebration of all dads or father-like figures, we made a special card just to thank them for all the times that they have been there for us. This stand-up card is a perfect memento to put on their desk that can be easily customized.

Make it in 3 easy steps:

  1. Print on card stock paper of your choice (see our recommendations below)
  2. Cut around the outer solid line
  3. Score and fold the line located below the graphic, in order to stand up the card

To customize your card, simply cut out the center of the “D”. You can add a picture and tape it from the back of the card and make this a card dad will never forget. Be sure to finish it off with¬† that special note to tell him how much you value him.

I have made a list of recommended papers that might best represent your dad:


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