Handmade Ornaments and Christmas Cards – A thoughtful gift

Handmade Ornaments and Christmas Cards – A thoughtful gift

Paper-Papers-Xmas16-webSometimes the card is the present, especially when handmade with love and great paper from Paper-Papers.com. Cute Christmas punches or die cuts, along with a few crystals, some red velvet ribbon and pearls, will give you really simple and flashy designs that are fast and simple.

The Shimmer family of papers offers the Shine Copper along with the FAV Pure Gold. I used the Stardream Fine Gold envelopes; mixing and matching my golds and metal colors. Stardream Metallics had the Fine Gold cardstock and envelopes, and great pink red Jupiter cardstock. The Ice Silver envelopes, from Curious Metals has a wonderful glow. Curious Skin, Indigo, is a wonderful matte surface that contrasts will all the shine offered by Curious Metals, Blueprint, and Fav Shimmer, Blue Sodalite.

Paper-Papers-Xmas-1The foiling was done with Gold and Holographic foil from PulsarProFX.com. The great distress look offers a consistent texture for lots in design interest; it was achieved by lowering the SM-330 temperature to 4, instead of the usual 7 setting, for a more solid covering of foil. As usual, make sure your laser toner setting is at all the highest settings possible. I foiled the whole paper, the gold stripes on one side and the holographic circles on the backside. I printed the design and foiled both side different colors simultaneously, turning the paper over as I went. I used copy paper to cover the top side and the mylar board on the bottom and then rotated it over to the other side. I did that a couple of times each side.

Paper-Papers Xmas19 B webPaper-Papers Xmas19 A webI then die cut the centers and used both the frame for cards and the centers for Christmas Tree decorations. The accordion pleated ornament is 12 circles that are stapled in the center and glued on alternate tops and bottoms. The circle ornament with foiled vellum was double foiled in gold and red and layered into a smaller circle that twirls around to catch the light on the tree. Gold Twine was glued up through all layers so it twirls around. The cherry branches are by a_pattern_a_day.com and backed by a layers of Jupiter paper and gold with a snowflake cut out.

Paper-Papers-Xmas-2-webPaper-Papers-Xmas-3-webCoI hope you can use my tips to create your own beautiful Christmas Cards and ornaments. If you need assistance, I’m happy to respond to your questions. Merry Merry, Peace and Joy to you!

Paper-Papers-Xmas14-web Paper-Papers-Xmas-13-web Paper-Papers-Xmas-8-web Paper-Papers-Xmas-4-web2

Paper-Papers-Xmas18-b-web Paper-Papers-Xmas18-A-web Paper-Papers-Xmas17-web

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