Crushing designs while saving the environment

Crushing designs while saving the environment

Crush-HandsSometimes stepping out of the norm can produce something amazing. Take CRUSH paper products as an example. Who would figure produce waste could be a pulp additive? This amazing concept has came to life with the skill and talents of Favini Paper Mill. Tried and tested, the unique approach to finding alternate pulp has created an amazing paper line that has quite a reputation for quality. It has an earthly visual appeal but it stands tall with quality and durability. Why not tell a story with your paper products. People enjoy hearing the back story behind ‘why’ you like something. Here’s a great opportunity to share this win win concept. A product that is used with an re-purposed approach. Using something that would turn into a waste, but now can save trees and reduce land fill.

Think of the possibilities for your designs. Checkout our 9 colors which are named after their companion pulp.  Not sure about the color your need, pick up a sampler pack and try working with this paper before your major promotional piece.

Let us know what you like about this paper – we look forward to sharing with others. If you have a photo or project creation, please send us your photos! We love to be amazed!

Learn more about what makes CRUSH papers so unique – and checkout the interesting videos of the crush process.

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