Design Elegant Folded Cards with Parchment Card Stock Paper

Hand made cards by YOU! – Find these 3 elegant ideas for you to make something special! Do it yourself: 3 cards made from our Parchment Card Stock accompanied with their matching envelopes. I create this super-fast, yet elegant A7 folded card along with 2 hand painted A2 cards. The parchment has such potential for authentic, natural beauty that can leave a lasting impression.

Parchment Paper with Perfect Pearls to create an elegant A7 Folded card and coordinating envelope.

This project is fast and easy. Using parchment of a Natural color, I cut it 10″ x 7″; and then with a bone folder it became a 5″ x 7″ card. This created a perfect A7 folded card which inserted into my A7 envelope perfectly.

Stamp your card using a glue stamp applied to your flower stamp. Using Tim Holtz Perfect Pearls, Copper, Gold & Green, apply the powder sparingly with a round soft brush. I put the copper in the middle, the gold to the outside of the petals and the green on leaves. They mix and blend. While that was setting up, I put some of the Green & Gold on a Kleenex and rubbed the background. It brings out the texture in the paper. Using a regular stiff paint brush, remove the excess powder gently and sealed with spray acrylic. Do the envelope flap, also. Voila.

Using a glue stamp and your flower stamp, stamp the parchment card stock. Apply Perfect Pearls in at least two colors. Using a Kleenex, rub the background to bring out the texture. With a stiff brush, carefully remove the excess powder and spray with acrylic sealer. Do the envelope flap as well so you can achieve this lovely result.

Create these amazing Little Cards using Water colors and foil

Aged and Natural Parchment, A2 Folded Cards with A2 envelopes: Friends will love these handmade cards. The foil and the paint add to the beauty of the parchment paper. Foils and paint work wonderfully on this paper.

Materials & Instructions: Fast, Easy & Fun

Using the Aged Parchment 80lb Cover, I cut it to fit the A2 envelope. See how easy it is to make an A2 folded card.(find links to the paper and envelopes at the bottom of this post)

Using the White Parchment, cover weight, or any card stock, print out free images off your computer. I put two on one page of 8.5″ x 11″ paper and cut them later. (In hindsight, I would have put 4 on there. I don’t have a laminator and this was an experiment.)

APPLYING FOIL AFFECTS: I used a laser printer and ironed on some hot press foil. Mine was from, although I am not sure it matters, as long as it heat sets.

Not all parts took the foil, but the left over black added some shading under the paint. It was a good distressed touch. Put the iron on the cotton setting and let it get hot first. Put the black laser print between two pieces of waxed paper, with the foil on top of the paper, pretty, colored side up and iron. The layers are: wax paper, print , foil, and more wax paper. Iron on top of the wax paper. I put it on the cutting board for hardness and then put a thin towel over it. Iron until it is all pretty hot. You can sort of see the foil come off. I kept testing the corner. Use the iron tip to go around and press each area. After couple of minutes it is as good as it gets. If it is not sticking, go over it again. Let it cool, when you are done. Gently pull off the foil. (I would do that way again. Or I would buy the laminator. Depends on if you want one, or if the distressed foiling approach works for you.)

APPLYING WATERCOLORS: Then I used Viva Decor Inka Gold water based colors to paint in the design without over wetting it. It took a few coats, since it tends to be transparent. Use a small brush. They have a wax in them and dry really fast. Take a Kleenex and burnish it.

FINAL LAYERING STEP: I trimmed them to size and mounted them on matching Paper-Papers colors. I used Shine: Champagne, 107 lb Cover and Curious Skin: Emerald, 100lb cover.

Enjoy the compliments when you send them to friends. Don’t tell them how easy it was.

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