Disrupting A Digital World – When Old is New and Back in Vogue

Disrupting A Digital World – When Old is New and Back in Vogue

Has paper mailings and postcards become a way to disrupt advertising in a digital world?

Is it true, are we overcome with digital ads that our senses have dulled? Are you immune to the “perfect” time of day, the colors, the taglines, and snappy titles? Overwhelmed with everything being the Best, the Newest, and telling us to Hurry?

Sensory overload, information highway burnout, it’s happened, the old is new again! We find something old to now be refreshing.

The digital generation has invited the tactile-y tantalizing world of paper and cards to land in our mailbox instead of your inbox. We love to touch, feel, and sometimes smell the ink on a printed sheet, without even knowing what it is that makes us pick it up or move my fingers across the surface. It is as if we can’t help ourselves when it sits there.

Add one more element to this by enveloping inside a uniquely shaped envelope or vibrant color with a handwritten addy. It’s true; I’m not sure whether I know you or if you have used a machine to print on it to make it appear handwritten. Sometimes I open with disappointment and others; I set neatly on my desk for a little while longer as I might look at it again, enjoying the detail or sentiment.

No matter the response, it still evokes an intrigue that is unique to getting something delivered with a message for me. Can we make this an active part of our daily behavior?

How can something so simple be a lovely, quaint answer? Are we starved for kind, personalized gestures and not wanting to be the result of analytics or mass blasts? I suggest we strive to achieve a happy balance in both worlds.

I speak from the heart of a paper lover; therefore, I will always slant, but regardless of my personal, tactile, loving mind, I know we all long for pause with moments of sentiment, kindness, and pure gratitude. 

We are quite aware that paper mailings will not solve such void, yet if our questions encourage just one more handwritten note, inspire the sharing of one more card, and cause pause for even one person to express the perfect sentiment or encouragement, then we conclude our article with the utmost satisfaction. The satisfaction that one person has touched yet one person and we can only desire for the cycle to never end.

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