3 Easy DIY projects for a Happy New Year!

3 Easy DIY projects for a Happy New Year!

Fortune CookieTo wish good fortune to all you love, use Curious Metallics, Blueprint, text and cut a huge 4″ circle. Use a little tape down the middle, fold in half and then quarters. Glue the inside and use an sticker to hold the bottom flap. Put your good wishes inside and pass on the good luck. This is a perfect holder for any special message you wish to share. Wishing good things for the New year, or simply a wonderful way to include a surprise message of love.

Bring in the New Year with Paper-Papers Jupiter. The red brings happiness and good fortune. The scraps from your foiling projects make a perfect landscape. A house, a moon and some letters from MulberryBear2, for those days when you just don’t want to do it all. A little confetti from more leftover foiled scraps and the whole card shines for the New Year. It is all set off by the Curious Metals, Ice Silver envelope. It shines in the mail; the mail carrier gets some love, too.


Another DIY project for the New Year: Bookmarks make great little presents for best friends. Some die cut words, edging decorations and a star hole punch will make any book fun to read. And a great reminder that you are always with them in your heart. Friends forever.


PulsarProFX. com did the foils. I used an SM-330 laminator, turned up to 7, for the foils. Superheat the laminator for about 20 minutes for warm up, before foiling. I make a couple of passes. Enjoy!

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