Dragonfly Card

Dragonfly Card

Celebrate summer with this fun card that looks awesome with this dragonfly but can be easily improvised with any materials that you might have on hand. This standup card can display a message to friends or family about the joys of summer.

For this design start with one of those cheap little holographic bags that you get on the end cap at Target or Walmart. The circle die is 4.25″ for the large one, so the side of the bag needs to be at least that wide on one side.  Using the 4.25″ die, cut a circle from the bag.

The papers were picked to harmonize with the bag, which it ivory and pink when you turn it, with touches of purple. Start with Poison Ivory, and cut it 7″ wide. If you refer to the photo you will see that the bottom is a base for the card to stand upright. Achieve this by scoring and folding the Poison Ivory at 5″ and folding the paper over. The leftover paper is scored .25″ from the bottom edge and scored once again in the middle, between that scoreline and the bottom of the card page, which should be 3/8″. Accordion fold this so it stands up in the middle and put a 1/8″ line of ScorTape on the very bottom flap, being careful which side you tape. You can make this your final step, so it is more obvious which side of the paper to tape.  Don’t tape the bottom to the card front until after the card is made so it is easier to work with the paper.

With the 4.25″ and 3.75″ die cuts taped in place, together, on the Blueprint make a circle frame. Using Emerald and the Memory Box die, Fresh Foliage, cut some foliage.

While you are at it, use the Memory Box, Meadow Dragonfly and die cut a dragonfly from Fine Gold. And a cute little tulip from Azalea. Now just assemble the little vignette: Tape the Blueprint outlines to the hologram circle, tucking the Emerald foliage into the bottom of the circle. Using Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue on the big leaves, spread the foliage outside the circle frame at the top and sides. Glue the Fine Gold dragonfly on top of the foliage, add the bling and then glue the Azalea tulip to the foliage. Fold the bottom of the card into a stand with accordion pleats, referring to the photo, and pull the tape on the very bottom and put it on the back of the card front. Since the holographic paper had pink as a shimmer color, the card is paired with Bubblegum A7 envelope.

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