Easter Card Shaker Card

Easter Card Shaker Card

We truly wish everyone has a Wonderful Easter! This Easter Card Shaker Card card is super easy and you can create it anyway you want! Make it with your family and have fun with it!

Two favorite projects in one card, Easter and a shaker card. It is flashy and easy since lots of the parts are premade and purchased from Mulberrybear on Ebay. In the materials section I listed the pages so you can see if you want to use the little decorations that I used. The rest of the card uses the Crafters Pure Hues – Pastel Shades – (CARDSTOCK) Mixed Finish (5 colors / 10 each) – 50 PK. The colors I used, from the package I received, are the Shine, Lilac, 107lb cover, the Pop-Tone, Spearmint, 65lb cover, and the, Basis, Light Yellow, 65lb cover. From a separate pack I used the Remake, Blue Sky, 140lb cover. The cards fit into a Shine, Pearl, A9 envelopes, so the final card is 5.5″ x 8.25″. The card is a little bulky and cut a little narrower, so it will fit into the envelope. Keep referring to the photos as you go along.

  1. From the Variety Pack, use the Shine, Lilac, 107lb cover and cut it to 8.25″. Score and fold it in the middle so the final card is 5.5″ tall and 8.25″ wide. Score and fold the front flap in half so that it bends in the middle. This will hold the embellishments up. The flap will rest against a decorative at the bottom on the inside of the card.
  1. Using Martha Stewart’s Edge Punch, Grass, punch the 8.5″ edge of the Pop-Tone, Spearmint, 65lb cover. Cut the punched edge to 2″ deep and emboss it with Teresa Collins, 8.5″ x 11″ embossing folder, Preppy Houndstooth. Leave the grass edge sticking out from the folder. Using ScorTape, the 1/2″ & 1/8″ tape, also covered with some Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue, attach the Spearmint the bottom of the card, leaving a 3/8″ Lilac border at the bottom.
  1. Making the shaker box with the duck: Use the Lilac and the Blue Sky, cut 4 each of the Easter egg frames. Those frames are made by nesting Sizzix Die Cut 658691, Easter Egg Dies, 3 3/8″ & 2 7/8″. This is a 10 piece die set and you are using those 2 dies nested together. Tape those together and cut 4 per 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of each color, for a total of 8 egg frames. Try to keep the nested shaped in the same position so that when you stack the frames they all are the same size and shape. Using the large 3 3/8″ egg shape alone, cut 2 solid eggs from plastic sheeting saved from packaging. It is heavy plastic stiff enough to hold its shape on its own. It is clear plastic. You could use transparency paper or anything similar. You need 2 pieces of heavy plastic about 4″ x 6″. My die only embossed heavily and I had to cut it out with Tim Holtz scissors.
  1. The front piece of plastic has a Blue Sky egg frame glued to it with Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic glue. The back piece of plastic had the background glued on the back, so that the glitter inside does not catch on the design. Some of the glitter sticks to the plastic each time you shake it and you have to flick it with your finger to settle it down to the bottom.
  1. The back design: Cut a solid egg shape from the Light Yellow, and cut it from the 3/3/8″ egg die. It should cover the entire back of the large plastic egg shape. Cut it 2.75″ down from the top. To decorate the front of the Light Yellow, use some decorate paper stripes and put 1/8″ ScorTape on the back. Trim them to adjoin and place them in a pleasing open geometric design. Refer to the photos. I cut up a large egg from the Mulberrybear egg collection. Using 1/8″ ScorTape, go around the edge of the yellow design and add an edging of glue with a toothpick. Press it onto the back of the plastic and press hard since it has ridges from the paper design. Tuck a Mulberrybear duck up under the unsealed edge of the Yellow design. Put 2 little strips of 1/8″ ScorTape on the back of the duck’s head, add a touch of glue and push it up under the Yellow design. Push on it until it holds in place.
  1. To give the shaker egg depth, use the remainder of the egg frames and stack them. There should be 7 of them. I used a glue stick and then since it didn’t hold well I went back and added some glue with a toothpick. The frames have to hold tight so the glitter doesn’t leak out when it shakes. Add the glitter so that it fills the bottom part; I filled it up to the duck’s head. More is fine. Add the front plastic egg and pushed down. Hold for a bit. When I was done I put something heavy on it overnight so it would seal the edges of the eggs together.
  1. The front is a single Remake egg frame glued to the clear plastic egg. Add the glitter before you glue the front to the egg.
  1. Place the egg on the folded front of the Lilac card and see how far up you can put the 1/2″ ScorTape on the back of the assembled egg.. Put 1/8″ tape around the bottom edge of the shaker egg, add glue and place it. My finished egg at the fold is 1 5/8″ from the right.
  1. The little stand inside that holds the card upright when folded, is 5 layers of Blue Sky. The paper is cut 1.5″ wide and 8″ long. I taped them together and mounted the message on top of the last layer after attaching it to the card. Center it. The letters, American Crafts, Thickers, Coastline, are spaced as closely as possible. They are 7/8″ tall. The extra space on the top and bottom of the letters makes them seem less crowded.
  1. Add your 3 bunnies, one of the right and 2 on the left. I tried to make sure some of the grass edging would show behind the bunnies.
  1. Place it under a weighted book or object for the night so the glue on the egg attaches well to the frame and the card.

You are done! Enjoy playing with it!

List of Papers:

  • Crafters Pure Hues – Pastel Shades – (CARDSTOCK) Mixed Finish (5 colors / 10 each) – 50 PK (Shine, Lilac, 107lb cover, Pop-Tone, Spearmint, 65lb cover, Basis, Light Yellow, 65lb cover)
  • Remake
    • Blue Sky, 140lb cover
  • Shine
    • Pearl, A9 envelopes

List of other materials:

  • Teresa Collins, 8.5″ x 11″ embossing folder, Preppy Houndstooth
  • Martha Stewart Punch, Grass Edge Punch
  • Sizzix Die Cut 658691, 10 pieces nested Easter Egg Dies, 3 3/8″ & 2 7/8″
  • American Crafts, Thickers, Coastline
  • Wow Sparkle Glitter, White, or similar
  • Cosmic Shimmer Glue
  • ScorTape, 1/2″* 1/8″
  • Glue Stick
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