Easy paper flower technique for everyone – Full tutorial

DIY Paper Flowers

Easy paper flower technique for everyone – Full tutorial

I wanted to teach you this easy, paper flower creation technique. This technique is super easy and once you’ve mastered it, you’ll find yourself using it over and again. I love these for large backdrops and I especially love making these as filler flowers. This is my official go-to flower because they’re simple and honestly they’re so adorable.

What we need:

Fold, cut, curl, repeat

You can make a square using your preferred paper size, depending on whether making small, medium or large flowers. Today we are using 8×8 card stock.

Make 8x8 Square
Cut each side, half hearts

Grab your first square
Fold in half, fold again
Cut off triangle
Cut in center (but stop at the edge)
Create half a heart on each side

Next, get wooden dowel for curling

Once you have both, open, grab one side, curl forward
Now flip, curl opposite
Now open, the fold

Curl, flip
Do the other side

Add glue and stack flowers, staggered

. (Watch video for full tutorial)

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