Elegant gift box DIY using Shimmer Cardstock Papers

Elegant gift box DIY using Shimmer Cardstock Papers

06Paper-Papers-box-tab-lid-6-webA special moment comes with a handmade box that is as special as the gift. The cardstock is by Paper-Papers: Curious Metallic Cryogen White, and FAV Shimmer, Blue Sodalite. Cryogen White is a milky white paper; Blue Sodalite is a shimmer dark blue.  Grab a ruler, a bone folder and ScorTape and you can make your box as great as the gift itself.

This project is from a 8.5″ square of Cryogen White; the box itself a 3.5″ square, with 2.5″ tall sides. Refer to the photos and print out the templates. It will print a little smaller than the actual size, but if you do your template on regular copy paper you will see it is really fast and simple. First put in the diagonal lines, then the horizontal and vertical lines that divide the paper into quarters. Cut a 3.5″ square of paper and draw pencil lines in the middle, vertically and horizontally, center them on the diagonal lines and extend the sides with a pencil. See the template that shows where to cut out the triangles that are not needed. Score and fold the box, following the photographs. Put Scortape on the side triangles, where you will tape the box together. Prep the lid flaps before you put the box together.

First use a corner punch on two of the lid flaps, then use Blue Sodalite triangles to extend the lid length. trimming them as needed; add in a little color. Cut two opposing slits to close the box, referring to the photo. Score the folds well and tape the sides of the box together.

To make that sides longer, either make the bottom square smaller, or the paper bigger. To make the lid longer, keep the measurements the same and make the paper bigger, extending your diagonal lines. First make a template to see how the box will look; then adjustments can be made. I didn’t use a score board, but if you have one big enough, use it. Put something wonderful inside. Enjoy!

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