Envelop Kindness

Envelop Kindness

Share what you have…

We at PaperPapers believe everyone has something to give. Have you considered how valuable the simple gift of kindness? Express your kind words on a hand-written note, wrap it in an envelope and send it on its way.

Our words can fill others with joy, make someone smile or brighten the mood in a room. What kind of words will you give today?

Encouraging words
Loving words
Positive words
Inspirational words
Thankful words
the list is endless

We have started a campaign to envelop kindness. Our goal is to make it easy to share your kind words with others. Many of you have already received a blank card and envelope in the mail. Did you get yours? Please take a moment to write kindness and pass along!

Did you Envelop Kindness? We’d love to hear your story! Post your experience here or on our #EnvelopKindness Instagram Page.

Envelop Kindness = Paper, envelope and YOU!


Envelop Kindness
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