Fairy Paper Card

Fairy Paper Card

This is a perfect end of the summer easel card to put on your desk or give to a friend. This Fairy Paper Card is super easy and great for anyone!

This is a pretty card and has some depth when closed, about 1/4″ thick, so although it is 6.25″ square, I upsized the envelope to a Silver, 7″ square.  It fits nicely. I hand off my cards as a gift, but if you mail it, you might want to consider a padded envelope. Refer to the photos as you go along.

  1. Starting with an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of Blush cover, cut it to 6.25″ wide and then score and fold it at 6.25″.
  2. On the short front flap, cut it in half.Refer to the photo. The stripe is a card liner; the next step.
  3. To add length to the front of the card use an 8.5″ x 11″ Pink and also cut it at 6.25″and score it at 6.25″.
  4. Invert the Pink inside the Blush, so the 6.25”, which is the long side of the Pink, becomes the font with the short Blush flap taped to the front.
  5. To attach the Pink, open the Blush and add 1/2″ ScorTape to the back of the short flap. Also add ScorTape to front of the short flap of the Pink.  Put the two papers together in a practice run so you can see where the tape goes, it will be obvious, and refer to the photos to see the final results.  Pull the ScorTape and place the Pink, short flap down, and push it up to just under the crease. Hold the Pink down and push down on the Blush short flap. This is the front of your card. Trim if necessary.
  6. Pull up on the Pink and pull the ScorTape on the back and push down on the Pink. Add ScorTape to the back of the short Blush remainderof the front flap and add it to the bottom of the long Pink flap, which is now the front.
  7. Score and fold the front flap in half. Referring the photos, the front is now striped-Blush, Pink, Blush.
  8. Using the Pink and the Cheery Lynn DL 217, Pixie Guardian, die cut your fairy.
  9. Using two circle dies, cut a 4.25″ circle from the 100% Cotton Card Stock – Savoy, Soft Grey, 236 DT cover. You can use lighter weight and adhere them together; I had that weight and used it. Cut your second circle, from Quartz using a 3″ circle.  Tape the Quartz circle to the Soft Grey, offsetting it to match the border of the Pink fairy.  Apply spray adhesive to the back of the Pink fairy and put it on top.  Put the medallion on the card last so it doesn’t get damaged while you work.
  10. Stamp the CT PLATINUM Translucent (Vellum) Metallic, 8.5 x 11 Paper with the HCP 3323 Large Elegant Work Background Precut Set, using the Black, StazOn Ink. Be sure refill your ink pad before stamping to get good coverage.
  11. Cut the stamped Platinum with a 3 3/8″ x 4 5/8″ rectangle and applying 1/8″ tape to the back, center it inside, right below the top at the card crease. Cut the Blush text with the    2.5″ x 3.25″ rectangle, and tape it over the stamped Platinum, using the 1/8″ tape. Center it and keep the margins at the top and side equal; let the bottom float.
  12. The easel stop takes a lot of scoring and tape, but it is easy. Cut some Pink, 6.25″ and starting at either end, score every .75″ for about 10 scores. When you accordion pleat the paper, you will have a stack of 5 folds. Take your bone folder and flatten those creases well.  I tape each side separately to make it easier to see what I was trying to do.  Decide which side is going to show after you tape the stop down and be sure not to add to that piece. Going down one side, put 1/2″ ScorTape up to a crease and a piece of 1/8″ tape up at the fold; there are 2 pieces of tape per fold.  I taped and attached one side of folds together, then opened the back side, like a rolodex, and taped it after the fact. At least I could see where the tape went for sure. Only the exposed end does not have tape.  I glued the bottom down, as well as taped, it for sturdiness.
  13. To apply the fairy medallion on the front, mark the back at half way and apply tape and glue where it will be attached to the card. Place the pencil line right below where it will show on the back. Let it dry.
  14. Let everything dry for a few hours.
  15. Apply 3 pink .75″ paper flowers below the easel, per the photo.
  16. Glue on some 1/4″ Clear Glass Half Rounds (little fake rhinestones) to the front and 1 inside. I used a total of 11: 10 on the front and 1 on inside.

Let it dry. You are done. The little easel stand will protect the flowers if you mail it.


Papers used in this craft:

Other materials used in this craft:

  • Cheery Lynn DL 217, Pixie Guardian
  • Circle Die ,4.25″ & 3″
  • Rectangle Die, 3 3/8″ x 4 5/8″
  • Rectangle Die, 2.5″ x 3.25″
  • Silhouette Double Sided Adhesive Sheets
  • Recollections, Flowers, Dark Pink, .75″
  • HCP 3323 Large Elegant Work Background Precut Set
  • 1/4″ Clear Glass Half Rounds
  • ScorTape, 1/2″ & 1/8″
  • Spray Adhesive
  • StazOn Ink Pad, black & refill
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