Fall Paper Shaker Card

Fall Paper Shaker Card

Shake it up for fall, when the colors change and the leaves come to the ground. This Fall Paper Shaker Card is amazing and full of sparkles!

Several of the items used to cut shapes are retired punches, so substitute what you have: the Large Maple Leaf and the Pumpkin Edge punch. These were used for their filigree effect, so changing them out will not make a difference.  It doesn’t have to be pumpkins; it can be flowers, more leaves, whatever you have on hand.  The same is true for the clear transparency paper. I usually use packaging that I have saved, but the Transparency Paper is what I had. Anything clear that is 7″ square, will work; report covers will work. You need 2 sheets, one across the back design so the glitter doesn’t get caught in the die cuts, and one across the hole in front of the card.  This not a hard card, it just takes some layering, and when you are done it is a fun toy that holds up to the shaking.

Refer to the photos:

  1. The envelope is Stardream Metallics, Copper, 7.5″ square envelopes, so the shaker card is 6.75″ square. The depth of the card is 5/16″ so it takes up some space. This will change a little depending on the thickness of the cardboard.
  2. Cut 2 pieces of 100% Cotton Card Stock – Savoy Soft Grey, 236lb DT Cover to 6.75″ square. Center and cut a 5.75″ circle, in one of them.
  3. Cover the solid Soft Grey back with Copper. To do that, cut a piece of Silhouette Double Sided Adhesive Paper and attach it to a 6.75″ square piece of Copper. Attach that to the Soft Grey. Trim the sides as need, as you go along, or the bundle of paper gets to thick to trim. Sand down any rough edges with an acrylic nail file.
  4. To cover the front with Copper, cut a 6.75″ piece of Silhouette Double Sided Adhesive Paper to 6.75″ square, carefully align it to the Copper and attach it. Center and die cut a 5.25″ circle, pull the backing on the adhesive paper carefully attach it to the Soft Grey. The Copper paper hole is smaller than the Soft Grey hole so that any alignment errors will not show.
  5. Using either 3M Multipurpose Transparency Film, CG 6000, or clear plastic, attach it to the back of the Soft Grey. I put the smooth side to the inside so the glitter wouldn’t stick to it. I covered one side of the Soft Greywith 1/8″ ScorTape and the outer edges with 1/2″ ScorTape and used a toothpick to cover the remaining areas with Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic glue. Align it, attach it and trim it at the edges if needed.
  6. The back is a solid back piece of Soft Grey covered with Extract Aqua, 140 lb cover, cut to 6.75″ square and attached with the adhesive sheet. Trim as needed. To reiterate the outside of the front and back are Copper and the inside of the back is Aqua. The inside of the front is the clear plastic that covers the hole. To build the inside design, center and trace with a light pencil, the 5.25″: circle and keep your design parts that you want to show within the circle. If you go over the edge, it won’t show.


Cut the following list of parts and attach with Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue and a toothpick. Remove any excess glue with Un-Du and a Q-Tip.

  • Cut 1 – Curious Skin, Mocha, 100 lb cover is die cut with Memory Box, Grove Branch, Style 98311
  • Cut 1 – Shine, Moss, 107 lb cover, is die cut with Memory Box, Fresh Foliage, Style 98502
  • Cut 1 – Curious Skin, Mocha, 100 lb cover, is die cut with Memory Box, Resting Birds, Style 98527. The one die cut has 5 little birds.
  • Cut 1 – Plike, Bordeaux, 122 lb cover, is die cut with Memory Box, Country Landscape, Style 98239

The die cuts just the top edge of the paper, so check the photos and trim the bottom portion, so it goes over the edge of the circle.

  • Cut 3 – Shine, Intense Gold, 80 lb text, is punched with Martha Stewart Punch, Frond Leaf
  • Cut 1 – Shine, Intense Gold, 80 lb text, is punched with Fiskars Large Maple Leaf Paper Shaper Punch.
  • Cut 1 – (Optional) See step 16 and decide.  Die cut Romantic Mauve Dotted Swiss Bazzill Cardstock, or similar, with “SKELETAL FALL THANKSGIVING PUMPKINS PUNCH – BEAUTY”.  This is a retired punch found under that search text, so if you don’t have it, use any pumpkin or flower die cut that has cutouts, so you can see into the shaker card.
  • Cut 1 – Curious Skin, Mocha, 100 lb cover die cut with both the 5.75″ & 6.25″. This is the circle that is used on the front of the card after finally assembly of the components.
  1. Now that you have the parts, and a circle drawn in pencil on the Aqua paper, refer to the photos, and assemble a little tableau. Start with the branches and green leaves that are cut and glued on the branch. Add the little 5 birds here and there. Add the Bordeaux landscape on the lower 1/3 of the circle; the paper is a little outside of the circle, so that it is fully covered. The Intense Gold, Maple Leaf, is on the left, on top of the Bordeaux, as is the 3 little fronds of foliage, set at angles. Glue it all down using a toothpick and the acrylic glue. Use a Q-tip and Un-du to remove any excess glue. Using 1/8″ ScorTape around the outside edges, tape a 6.75″ square piece of Transparency Film, smooth side up, over the finished design. This hold the pieces on better and the glitter won’t stick to the design.
  2. Use the Sticko, Vellum Maple Leaves Stickers, all a row along the bottom, over the top of the Transparency Film and positioned across the Intense Gold leaves so that there is color coming through the pumpkins. If you leave the pumpkins off it will still look great. Maybe better, with a more color. You can see this finished in the photos.
  3. Cut 2 pieces of cardboard from a cardboard box, each a hair under 6.75″ square, and die cut both in the middle with the 5.75″ circle die. After being glued together, the two pieces of cardboard measure a little less than 1/4″ deep. Be sure that all the paper, when assembled, will fit in the envelope. Using colored Washi Tape cut it into small sections about 1.5″ long, and bend it over the inside of the circle. This keeps the glitter from getting into the cardboard. Refer to the photos and put 1/8″ ScorTape around the center hole, over the Washi Tape, for a tighter fit.
  4. Add more Washi Tape around the outer edges to clean up the look. Add 1/2″ ScorTape over the Washi Tape, to the edges. It will come right to the edge of the hole. Add glue to any open spaces and attach the cardboard to the back of the card, over the tableaux. Line it up carefully and push down.

19. Add 1 Tablespoon of Martha Stewart, Glitter and Glue Set, Carnival Glitter Mini 6 Pack, inside the card that now has a back, a tableau, and the cardboard attached.  There should be ScorTape and glue already around the exposed surface of the cardboard.

20. Carefully line up and push down the front design onto the back. Let it dry a little before you shake it. Press the edges a bit.

21. Add the circle you cut in Step 14: the Curious Skin, Mocha, die cut line. It is in the photos.

22. Add ScorTape and glue behind the pumpkin, if you chose to do that, and add it, carefully tucking it into the edges behind the Copper, over the Transparency Film, and push it down to sit on the Smoke Grey, which is set back inside the Copper.  In hindsight, I might have left out the pumpkins so the Maple Leaves stickers show more.

23. Use the 1/8″ ScorTape to put around the outside of the card, over the cardboard inset (now covered in Washi Tape). Pull the backing and put another round of tape on the other side. The 1/4″ ScorTape is too wide to fit in there. You can overlap the narrower tape.

24. Cut 5 feet of 1/8″ green silk ribbon and wrap it around one side and tie a big bow, slightly off center. Cut another 5 feet and wrap it around the other side and tie another bow, off center to the other side. Pull those knots tight. I do that by putting a toothpick into the loose knot and pulling it down, then carefully pull it tight. Add touch of glue to the knots to hold them. They should drape in big loops down the front and back.

25. Add 11 little tiny 1/8″ glass stars to the outside, along the bottom of the circle, over the pumpkin punch or on the Transparency Film, if you skipped the pumpkins.

26. Shake and be happy. It is hard to give this one away.


Paper materials used in craft:

Other materials used in craft:

  • 3M Multipurpose Transparency Film, CG 6000
  • Romantic Mauve Dotted Swiss Bazzill Cardstock
  • 1/8″ plain cardboard, 2 sheets, 7″ square each.
  • Circle Dies, 5 1/4″, 5 3/4″ & 6 1/4″
  • Memory Box, Grove Branch, Style 98311
  • Memory Box, Fresh Foliage, Style 98502
  • Memory Box, Country Landscape, Style 98239
  • Memory Box, Resting Birds, Style 98527
  • Martha Stewart Punch, Frond Leaf
  •   (Discontinued, substitute anything leafy and large – 2.5″ tall)
  • Fiskars Large Maple Leaf Paper Shaper Punch Scrapbook Card Art EUC 1 1/2” wide
  •   (ebay had a used one, or there is a solid one at Amazon: EK Tools Paper Punch, Large, Maple Leaf)
  •    (Retired – found on ebay under the above search)
  • Washi  Tape, 3/4″ Green (it doesn’t really show)
  • Martha Stewart, Glitter and Glue Set, Carnival Glitter Mini 6 Pack
  • ScorTape, 1/8″ & 1/2″ (or Red Liner Tape)
  • Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue
  • 1/8″ green glass stars (Office Home Decorative Stickers)
  • Sticko Themed Stickers, Vellum Maple Leaves
  • 1/8″ Light Green Silk ribbon, 10 feet
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