Creative Wreath Expressing the Love we have for our Family


This creative wreath is the perfect memento for hanging anywhere you want to share and display the favorite memories had with friends or family. Easy and versatile, hang your pictures or trinkets… change the color scheme… whatever brings you joy when you see it on display! The best part about this wreath is that it is very simple and all you have to do is to cut a background out to match your theme.

The wreath is an 18″ grapevine wreath from a local craft store, spray painted gold with Walmart’s paint. Since this is a temporary wreath and the photos will be going back into the photo album sleeves, they are mounted on a cardboard base and not glued on. Using cheap double sided scotch tape, a second piece of heavy paper was taped to the back of the photos. I had scrap photo paper and used that, so I could use undo the wreath without hurting the originals photos. Inexpensive double  sided tape does not adhere for long, so if you are keeping the wreath intact you would want to glue the photos on, or at least use heavier ScorTape.

Everything is attached to the grapevine wreath with 1/16″ thin white coated wired. Use a pin tool to push holes through the cardboard and the wire goes through easily. The cardboard is thin chipboard that was cut from something like a FedEx box. The top piece is about 8″ and the bottom is two of those; all roughly shaped to where you want your decorations; refer to the photos. The cardboard pieces were covered with Sour Apple then ScorTaped onto the cardboard.

Use about 3 sets of pinholes and wires per cardboard section, twisting the wire on the back of the wreath; pushing the wire through the grapevine will stabilize its position.  The copper ribbon is not wired, but wired would be really nice. Since the 2″ ribbon will be repurposed, all 6 feet were left intact and just overlapped, side to side and wired in the middle.  One side is long enough to wrap around the wreath and tie through the other, shorter, end of the ribbon. After wiring the ribbon to the wreath, push the large daylilies under the ribbon and wrap the wire stems around the back; referring to the photos. Push the ivory stalk of floral filler through the ribbon and into the wreath; some feathers were added for fluff and color.


The butterfly is two colored: the base is Lime Satin and the wings are Copper attached together at the butterfly’s body, so the Copper wings stand up from the base. Glue it to an adhesive pop up.  After deciding how wide the Copper frames behind the photos will be, leave enough space at the bottom for die cuts, and do that first and then attach the photos. Since those photos are temporarily on loan to the wreath from a photo album, they are held on with double sticky tape. Since cheap tape holds so poorly I also used 3″ faux pearl floral pins to hold the Copper onto the cardboard.  To make a permanent wreath get out the hot glue gun.  Use your own designs and colors which will be based around the photos. Copper adds some subtle color to black and white photos; hold your photos up to the paper and go with what makes them stand out. You might also hot glue on a larger piece of cardboard, attach the Copper to it with ScorTape and acrylic glue, and use push pins to rotate out the photos as time goes by and the kids get older. Weren’t we young.  Weren’t we cute.


Products used in this post:

  • Shine, Lime Satin, 92 lb cover
  • Shine, Copper, 107 lb cover
  • Pop-Tone, Sour Apple, 65 lb cover
  • Die Cuts:  Sue Wilson
    • Triple Gemini – Cepheus
    • Mini Gemini Dies – Lynx
    • Memory Box – Chloe Butterfly
    • Memory Box – Tristan Butterfly
  • 18″ grapevine wreath and gold spray paint
  • 1/16″ wire and pin tool
  • ScorTape and double-sided scotch tape
  • 1/8″ thin cardboard and Tim Holtz scissors
  • 2″ x 6′ Copper, double sided ribbon, by Celebrate It Luxe
  • 3″ faux pearl tipped floral pins by Darice
  • White holographic letters by Glitz & Glitter
  • Various large flowers and stalk of floral filler, to suit
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