6 Beautiful Paper Flowers

Feeling a little Flowery

6 Beautiful Paper FlowersSpring is in the air and possibly Summer around the corner!!  When breaking away from a long, cold, winter… sometimes a little flowery color can change the scene of any environment. Even in a warehouse like ours, if you have a few colorful flowers around, it can change everything! Of course, our flowers are made from PAPER… what else?  After all, we are a paper warehouse, one must use what is at our finger tips 🙂

This project is fascinating because it requires only a few items, and one of the major players is the circle punch. It is amazing what a little altering to a circle can create.

I think this can be done by almost anyone who will ‘pause’ and complete the steps. It is detailed and takes a little time, but still easy to do it yourself.

Collage of Feeling Flowery

Since this project has 6 different flowers – I will talk about them in different posts instead of speeding through the details. After all, I spent the time making them, I may as well savor the beauty 🙂

All of my work came from this very useful Tutorial by Damask Love Blog:

Here is a list of the paper I used to create all 6 flowers:

Stardream Metallics: AZALEA 105cROSE QUARTZ 105cFAIRWAY 105cJUPITER 105cGOLD 105c

Shine Shimmer: ONYX 107cVIOLET SATIN 92c




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