Festive Snowflake Christmas Card

Christmas is on its way and what a better way to send the spirit of the holidays than a personalized Christmas card and before things get too crazy with the holidays now is a perfect time to start making some cards for those special people in your life. This is a perfect card to hold that little extra Christmas money or gift card so the person can get exactly what they would like. The red, whites, and golden paper colors compliment each other very well.

The card is all held together in a Pearl White 6.5-inch square envelope.

In just a few steps you can make a card just like this one using your own colors or choose the ones that we have. Make it personal to you because nothing is better at Christmas time than a personalized card so you know that it was made just for you.

  1. Start with the outside of the card by cutting a piece of White Silver to a 6.25-inch square.
  2. Cut a piece of Magma to 2.5-inch x 5.5-inch. This will be used as a cardholder for the inside of the card. Attach this card to the back bottom right of the card with .5-inch ScorTape just on the bottom and the sides so that the Pearl A1 envelope will fit in it like a pocket.
  3. Cut a piece of Magma to 6.25-inch x 6.75-inch. Score at the .5-inch so that you will have a 6.25-inch square. (This will be used for the middle of the card.) Attach the smaller scored side of the paper to the White Silver and Magma paper.
  4. Cut another piece of Magma to 6.25-inch x 4.5-inch. Use a ruler and pencil and draw an angled line across it so that you can make the strips on the front of the card. Cut along the angled line first so that you have a trapezoidal structure. Cut into .5-inch strips to get the strips like how they are on the front of the card. Attach on the front of the White Silver card with ScorTape.
  5. Cut really thin strips of the Intense Gold so that they can be placed along the tops of the strips of the Magma for the front of the card. Cut and attach these strips to the Magma strips with glue.
  6. Using snowflake punches, both small and large ones, punch into Pearl White and Intense Gold, both cover and text for the Intense Gold, so that you can have snowflakes around the card. Attach them with TapeScor or glue. Using text for the smaller punches easier and using the cover for the large punches are the best way to get the design that you would like.
  7. Add crystals to the centers of the snowflakes and you are done with the front.
  8. Using a punch for the outlined label that is used on the A1 envelope punch it into Magma and then use a rectangle punch to get the middle out. Attach with ScorTape or glue to the A1 envelope.
  9. The “HO, HO, HO, !” is from White Silver¬†using Memory Box, Parker, Lower Case Alphabet. Attach using ScorTape or glue.

I hope this card was fun to make and that you made it personal to the person that is receiving it because that is one of the best parts of the Christmas which is thinking about other people.

Have a Happy Christmas season!

Paper Materials used in this craft:

Other Materials used in this craft:

  • 1/2″ & 1/8″ ScorTape
  • Gilding Flakes, Gold Jewel
  • Memory Box, Parker Lower Case Alphabet
  • Memory Box, Tivoli Snowflake, 4″
  • Memory Box, Bianca Snowflake, 3.5″
  • Martha Stewart, Glacial Snowflake Punch, 1.25″
  • Martha Stewart, Alpine Snowflake punch, 1.25″
  • Martha Stewart, Polar Snowflake Punch, 1 1/8′
  • Martha Stewart, Embossed Button Punch
  • Spellbinders Destabilizes, Labels Twenty-Eight 2″ & 2 5/8″ width
  • Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic glue
  • Clear Crystals 3/16″ and 1/8″
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