fun, exploding diy cardstock box - cardstock box open1 - Fun, Exploding DIY Cardstock Box

Fun, Exploding DIY Cardstock Box

explosing-box fun, exploding diy cardstock box - explosing box - Fun, Exploding DIY Cardstock BoxThis one is fun and super easy to do, cute and flashy. Took longer to decorate than it took to cut and score, but I do love decorating my crafts. The box has two colors – one inside and one outside. I used the Basis Aqua and teal. And white pearl and Aqua for the lid.  The box sides open all the way out when the lid comes off you are surprised with flowers and butterfly inside. The thoughts are endless when I think of the creative gifts one can find inside this lovely exploding box. Anything from fun snacks to important jewelry, whatever needs a fun cardstock wrapper and an explosive presentation.

I have provided some basic, easy to follow steps: This exploding box, with a little butterfly inside, is a fun way to welcome spring. It is super easy, just follow the photos. It has bright, soft cardstock colors, by Paper-Papers: Basis Cardstock, Aqua and Teal, with a shimmer white lid in Shine Pearl cardstock paper. The butterfly is by Martha Stewart and the flowers by Jolee’s Boutique.

  • Start with a 8.5″ square of Teal, for the bottom, and score in 2.75″ on all sides.
  • Do the same for another square of Aqua.
  • After scoring, and folding, this will leave a 3″ square box. Trim out the corners squares and save for another project.
  • Punch out a design; that one is Martha Stewart, Punch All Over the Page, Geometric Caning. Use the patterns on the base of the punch to line up all cuts and do two on each color. Line the paper up so the designs are opposite of each other.
  • With spray adhesive on the inside color, you can readjust the papers if needed and then use glitter on the open design, where there is still glue.
  • Trim away any extra paper from the side by hand.
  • For the lid, start with a 5.50″ square piece of the Pearl. Score and fold in 1.25″ from each side, leaving a 3″ square lid with 1.25″ sides.
  • Add a scrap of the Aqua across the top. After cutting out the corner pieces, add some ScorTape and fold the flaps under.
  • Decorate the lid to match the inside and give to someone you love.

Hope you Enjoy!

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