wholesale envelopes get imaginative with these 3 kid-friendly paper envelope crafts - wholesale envelopes - Get Imaginative With These 3 Kid-Friendly Paper Envelope Crafts

Get Imaginative With These 3 Kid-Friendly Paper Envelope Crafts

Crafting projects provide a great opportunity for adults and kids alike to stretch their creative muscles. However, crafting shouldn’t stretch your budget or your patience! A good crafting project for beginners often requires only the simplest materials.

One such material is the paper envelope. Though loved for its practicality when mailing letters, wholesale envelopes can be used in dozens of fun crafts.

Whether you’re running a summer camp, teaching an art class, or just like to get crafty, consider adding bulk envelopes to your crafting shopping list. Here are three simple and exciting crafts for kids that can be made with the humble envelope:

1. Paper Envelope Puppets

Blend art class with theater practice by creating puppets from wholesale envelopes. Simply seal a medium-sized envelope and cut it in half. Each side of the envelope makes an opening for a hand, effectively creating two puppets! Use crayons, markers, and even glitter to create characters and props for your home-produced puppet play. You can also cut shimmer paper or wholesale cardstock into shapes for a puppet’s hair and clothing. The only limit is your imagination!

2. Envelope Sharks

If the kids are ready for a more thrilling challenge, consider using wholesale envelopes to make some scary sharks! Start with googly eyes, scissors, crayons, glue, and an envelope or two. Use crayons to color a sealed envelope, then use scissors to cut a triangle from the short side of the envelope to create a shark’s mouth. The cut piece can be glued to the top of the envelope to make a fin. Then, attach googly eyes and additional paper triangles to the mouth area for teeth. Before you know it, your little envelope has become a fierce predator!

3. Envelope Book Marks

Simply cutting the corner off of an envelope creates a unique pocket with a 90-degree angle that’s perfect for holding book pages. Though a simple white bookmark will certainly mark your place, have fun personalizing the bookmark with crayons or paint. For example, you can create a peeking bunny face with googly eyes and a marker. Or, have students in a classroom add their name in their favorite color for more organized place-holding and book storage.

By 2020, the paper production sector is expected to have increased outputs by 77% since 1995. In other words, there’s no shortage of paper products like envelopes to meet your crafting needs. With imagination, any envelope can be transformed into dozens of fun objects and pieces of art. For simple, affordable, and fun crafting, consider purchasing envelopes in bulk today.

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