GhostlyFunnyCard01 ghostly funny paper card - GhostlyFunnyCard01 - Ghostly Funny Paper Card

Ghostly Funny Paper Card

GhostlyFunnyCard01 ghostly funny paper card - GhostlyFunnyCard01 928x1024 - Ghostly Funny Paper Card

Not all ghosts are friendly but ours are great comedians. Share your cheerful Halloween to others with this great, fun, and easy card you can make yourself. All it takes is a few cutout ghosts and a good knock-knock joke and you are ready to give them out.

Step 1: Start by making the 4 ghosts that are needed. You can cut from a drawing or from a printed image on Bright 100% Cotton. Add some fun googly eyes and a mouth that is sure to be a real fright.

Step 2: Next, add print out or die cut 4 text balloons on Bright 100% Cotton (You can use any program to print the text boxes with words in them). This is what you are going to use for your ghosts to tell their joke.

Step 3: Print off your middle of the card with the saying of your choice or use our knock-knock joke for starters into a 6.75-inch square card on Bright 100% Cotton. To make the attachments for this go to Step 4.

Step 4: The trick or treat bag is made from Red Satin and cut with the Memory Box, Mini Shopping Bag, assembling with 1/8-inch ScorTape. Before attaching the bag, add the yellow ribbon handle: using 1/8-inch ScorTape, add it to about 2-inch of one side of the yellow ribbon, skip about 1/2-inch and add another 2-inch to the opposite side of the yellow ribbon. The trick or treat bag is 1-inch wide and place about 1.25-inch down from the bottom of the spider, so run the ribbon goes up one side then it bends it over at the top and down the other side to it is about 1″ side at the bottom.  Don’t push too hard until it is adjusted.

Tape the little bag on top of it and put the little Teddy Bear, from Wilson Icing Decorations, inside the box with ScorTape on the back. Add a little bling to the top of the spider’s string and you are done. The joke came from the internet. Many websites for knock-knock jokes carried the same set of jokes, so pick the joke you like best. The bag with the bear will fit inside the envelope and is cute if you are giving it by hand, or included in a box. If you are mailing it, either put something flat that won’t get broken or just press the bag flat, it will still be cute.

GhostlyFunnyCard01 ghostly funny paper card - GhostlyFunnyCard01 928x1024 - Ghostly Funny Paper Card
ghostly funny paper card - GhostlyFunnyCard02 1009x1024 - Ghostly Funny Paper Card
GhostlyFunnyCard03 ghostly funny paper card - GhostlyFunnyCard03 1024x467 - Ghostly Funny Paper Card

Step 5: Print on Pure Silver a web.

Step 6: Cut Pure Silver and Black to 10.125-inch x 6.75-inch. And score at 3.375-inch so that the smaller flap will be behind the inside joke. Glue Pure Silver and Black to the main card with the wording on it.

Step 7: Tape the ghosts and knock-knock jokes onto the card.

Step 8: The whole project fits into a Silver 7-inch square envelope.


GhostlyFunnyCard05 ghostly funny paper card - GhostlyFunnyCard05 - Ghostly Funny Paper Card
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