Grand Happy Day with Bright Big Paper Flowers

Paper Flower

Grand Happy Day with Bright Big Paper Flowers

Celebrate Yesenia’s Flower Garden. She is sending everyone bright, happy greetings from Rialto, California.

Yesenia’s Flower Garden is a company residing in California who creates “Custom Paper Flowers & Backdrops” for numerous occasions and special events.

This project was designed with a great selection from our Bright Paper grouping Poptone. It is exciting to see the paper flowers and more that are designed with our papers.

What a great idea… this lovely portable backdrop! Also, as shown in her photos, make it wall art. I see so much potential, 1 set of wall art or scattered in various areas. I’m sure the ideas are endless, but we just want to pause and give a Shout-Out as we appreciate this beautiful paper art.

Yesi shared us that her flower inspiration  came from the plethora of colorful, bright paper that arrived in her designer box and  she further explains her template selection and more on her instagram feed: yesenias_flower_garden

Thank you Yesi for taking time out to create a lovely work of art that she has donated to a worthy cause.  What fun when we can play with paper and share some love. Great combination.

Feeling inspired? Need some color direction? Make the most of your rainbow, checkout our helpful article about Designing with Color!

Bright Paper Flower backdrop

Learn more about Yesi by visiting her Social or Etsy store

What Yesi got in her ‘designer box’
All from our popular Poptone paper line – Items used:
Grape Jelly 65C
Banana Split 65C
Pink Lemonade 65C
and various other colors from our sampler and variety pack
Poptone Sampler
Poptone Variety Text pack

Yesenia’s Flower Garden

FACEBOOK: Yesenias-Flower-Garden

ETSY: YeseniasFlowerGarden

INSTAGRAM: yesenias_flower_garden

Created using

Poptone Banana Split  —  Poptone Pink Lemonade — Poptone Grape Jelly

and all Poptone Greens were used in the greenery

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